Welcome to Adorable Ragdoll. Australia's premier Ragdoll Cat Breeder. Winners of the 2011 Ragdoll of the Year Award.

Wel­come To Ador­able Rag­dolls Aus­tralian Registered Breeders!

WE HAVE RAGDOLL KITTENS AVAILABLE TO LOVING HOMES, Call to reserve your kitten .…0400525587 or 0417941637  UPDATED AUGUST 2013  we also update our kit­tens here on Face­book just click the link    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Adorable-Ragdolls-Australia/305029302899235

Boutique Rag­doll Breeder of the most exquisite Award Win­ning Rag­doll cats and kit­tens, NSW, AUSTRALIA


We are estab­lished Registered Breeders, and Boutique is not just a state­ment at Ador­able ! our Beau­tiful Rag­dolls are not just pets but treas­ured mem­bers of our family !!

Boutique means to us, that we spe­cialize in Rag­dolls! All of our girls and their kit­tens sharing our home with us and our chil­dren in a loving family envir­on­ment, they are NOT just breeding cats to us, that live their lives in per­manent cages… even though we are a small home based breeder, we har­bour ser­ious ambi­tions. every mating has a pur­pose, and with every litter standing for the bet­ter­ment of the beau­tiful Rag­doll cat !!

At Ador­able we have a lim­ited number of lit­ters a year, to ensure every Kitten is given all the love and atten­tion they deserve, making each and every bundle of fluff a sig­ni­ficant part of our family till they become part of yours, we do allow new owners to visit their kit­tens we have gone into detail with our vet about this, and with the pre­cau­tions we take it is not a problem, Our vets have seen the way we con­duct home visits !, and agree with us that as the kitten gets older (after 1st vacc) it is para­mount for their social devel­op­ment to have dif­ferent exper­i­ences , with more people, it never ceases to amaze me from the time vis­itors walk through the front door, com­ments of Wow, Oh my god, look their beau­tiful and Rag­doll Heaven, to men­tion a few… when you visit you will not just see Kittens!

At Ador­able we have a burning desire to return the mag­ni­fi­cent Rag­doll to its found­a­tion glory days as the second largest breed of cat, and the most affec­tionate loyal friend you could ever want ! we are ded­ic­ated to breeding Rag­dolls with excep­tional Size, Health ‚Type, and we put spe­cial emphasis on their Sweet Floppy Tem­pera­ment, and there­fore have sourced our Quality Rag­dolls from Aus­tralian and Imported lines, we already have a dynamic boy from Bel­gium and are Importing another 3 Rag­dolls from abroad , they will be joining us in November 2012 ( check out our Import Page) We do posses the most exquisite col­ours of the Rag­doll world, Lilac’s and Chocol­ates, which we have rein­stated the beau­tiful deep blue eye colour into the diluted gene pool, also we have worked at rein­stating the size to the Rag­doll, with the judges reg­u­larly com­menting on the out­standing size of our Ragdolls!

We are Proud Mem­bers of and Registered with Aus­tralian National Cat inc & Tica.

Our family treasure our Raggies !!

joe and julie

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