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Owners Joe and Julie Towsend

Ador­able Rag­dolls — Owners

Our Story

My journey began with the love of cats, from my earliest memories, my aunty who lived in Towradgi, NSW was a Simease breeder, so I have been around this envir­on­ment from a very young age. I was always in ore of her and the way she loved and raised her cats and kit­tens, many people knew of her, as a won­derful breeder.

My desire for animals was shared by my par­ents, who encour­aged and indulged me. We use to rescue many kit­tens that were dumped (con­veni­ently always at the front of our house ). As a child I had many pets — a won­derful Alsa­tian (Tammy), horses, a wallaby, dad had res­cued from a rabbit trap, even a dove mum had res­cued and named Sor­rento, and of course my beloved cats. My par­ents even let me breed a few lit­ters, this pas­sion i have now passed onto my 6 chil­dren, the youngest being 15 animals have always been and will always be a part of my life.

Joe my partner, has the same love for animals, as a child growing up he had cats, a dog and a cock­atoo. He is the one who first saw the beau­tiful Rag­dolls on Burke’s Back­yard, over 20 years ago. He always brought the sub­ject up as he really wanted one or maybe two, and often com­mented that he thought we should breed, so in 2006 with the help of our daughter Dani­elle we pur­chased our first breeding cats and the journey with our beau­tiful Rag­dolls began.

Our Pas­sion and Hobby

Our Love and Pas­sion for this mag­ni­fi­cent and majestic Feline has trans­formed us into Guard­ians of the Rag­doll, whilst we have only a small com­ponent of a global gene pool, we feel it is our oblig­a­tion to breed in a strong Eth­ical Manner, with a will­ing­ness to help others and an open­ness to receive advice from abroad so the fine attrib­utes of this out­standing feline that Ann Baker cre­ated never dis­ap­pear into the myriad of rouge breeding and pet milling that we so strongly appose !!!

Health and Well­being of our Cats

The health and well-being of our pre­cious Rag­dolls is para­mount ! I keep myself informed on genetics which I love and find quite inter­esting, also on health issues, we attend the National Feline Health Sem­inars and also keep up to date here and Internationaly.

We are Hol­ist­ic­ally Ori­ent­ated at Ador­able — this means dealing with all aspects of our cats, their whole being! hol­istic care, hol­istic health, and a nat­ural diet! Our( Blog page) will be adding tips on all of the above. We are also very privleged to have a fant­astic and close working rela­tion­ship with our incred­ible vets !!

Family Raised Not Caged Raised

Our family live on the beau­tiful South Coast of New South Wales in Aus­tralia. With the help of our won­derful chil­dren. We provide our Cats with the love and nur­ture their future owners will also give them. Making the trans­ition to your home and easier one. We pride ourselves in raising healthy, happy, well-adjusted ped­i­gree kittens.

We handle our kit­tens con­stantly from birth and feel so proud and priv­ileged to have our beau­tiful cats as a part of our every day lives !!