An Adorable trip to the WORLD CAT SHOW 2012 in Croatia!

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It has been a desire of mine for many years to attend a major cat show over­seas, so why not the world cat show! Joseph and I decided 2012 would be the year,…it would no longer be just a dream, Last year the world cat show had over 1500 exhibits!

Firstly I am very for­tu­nate to have such a sup­portive partner,that has the same pas­sion as myself for the mag­ni­fi­cent Rag­dolls, so Joe and our 3 older teenage chil­dren will be looking after of pre­cious Rag­dolls, as we would not leave the care of our beloved family mem­bers to anyone.

Always thinking I was going alone (AND AMERICA I THOUGHT WOULD BE MY DESTINATION). A dear friend of ours vera from Ravera Rag­dolls said she would love to be my travel partner, as we share the same pas­sion for Rag­dolls, In October 2011 we found out where the 2012 World Cat Show would be held so the girls trip was now the plan!

This year 2012 THE WORLD CAT SHOW will be held in the month of October in the cap­ital of Croatia, ZAGREB. My dream was becoming reality !! After I spent many count­less hours researching, Phone calls over­seas, and e-mail back and forth, con­crete plans were made.

Attending this prestige event will be an exciting and won­derful oppor­tunity for Ador­able Rag­dolls to see the most exquisite Rag­dolls in the world. Stay tuned , with my return to Aus­tralia, I will be posting many photos of the 2012 World Cat Show on our Ador­able Rag­dolls site.


  1. Tyler says:

    Hello,I adore reading via your blog, I wanted to leave just a little com­ment to sup­port you and wish you a good con­tinu­ation. Wishing you the top of luck for all your blog­ging efforts.

  2. Julie Townsend says:

    Oh my good­ness my daughter Sara-Jane and myself had the best time , we vis­ited Dubrovnik ‚which was amazing, Zagreb for the world cat show which was the high­light of our trip and Bangkok , in Bangkok we played with and bottle fed baby tigers that were only 16 days old , what an exper­i­ence, unfor­tu­nately my first travell partner Vera was unable to come ,
    Sara was fant­astic to travel with and it was a trip that neither of us will ever forget


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