Awards and Accolades



2013 has seen more suc­cess for our gor­geous cats and kit­tens on the show bench , to date since showing we have over 115 first places , over all breeds , and over 30 supremes, we are over­whelmed with not only our wins but our cats/kitty’s showing  REAL RAGGIE TEMPERAMENT  on the show bench , we will also be starting a MEDIA page soon , as our cats have been fea­tured in a few news papers for their winnings ..

We love having vis­itors at our shows, come and see our beau­tiful Rag­dolls at one of the many venues we attend…

Ador­able Rag­dolls are registered breeders with and proud mem­bers of Aus­tralian National Cat inc, the only National cat club in Australia.

We chose this won­derful club to exhibit our Rag­dolls as it gives us the oppor­tunity to not only show loc­ally (NSW) but also take on the best cats from all over Australia,.

There is big news on the World stage coming from Ador­able as well !

We attend the cat shows on a reg­ular basis and have become avid exhib­itors of our Award-Winning Ragdolls.

We are proud of our cats achieve­ments over the years! And have been con­tinu­ally awarded the accol­ades of:

  • Best of Breed
  • Best in show
  • Best in group
  • Best in section
  • Judges Awards
  • 1st top five
  • 1st top ten
  • Supreme Exhibit

…of All cats and breeds in the show

Our biggest achieve­ments to date was RAGDOLL OF THE YEAR..BEST OF BREED 2011 for our beau­tiful ARAHNI we are also so proud achieving runner up Rag­doll of the year with our Ador­able IESHIA 2011.

This was all achieved from the small num­bers of Rag­dolls we pro­duce, our kit­tens are of high quality, and when showing , judges often com­ment about our Rag­dolls Out­standing Temperaments !!

At Ador­able we bath our kit­tens from an early age. This also gets them into a routine of being pampered, for the shows!

When showing kit­tens and cats it all begins with the breeder. We have many tips on showing if you are inter­ested feel free to either email or give us a call.