The Great Caspy

Casper A.K.A Caspy

The great Caspy. Well what can I say about this very spe­cial boy. His lines are very dif­ferent from those found here in Aus­tralia. As you can see he is simply ador­able. With a heart of gold. He is such a relaxed floppy boy and nothing fazes him. Which can be seen in his off­spring. One of his boys Arahni. We run through the entire ring as a kitten in 2011 won Rag­doll of the year with ANCATS from only 7 show he attended. We heard com­ments even from the judges saying there is some­thing spe­cial about this boy. We feel very blessed to be entrusted with this dynam­ic­ally spe­cial boy. We thank as always Jen and Char­maine. Two very spe­cial friends to us.


Available Date:
April 01, 2012