Team work makes dreams work!

Meet the people behind the scenes, our pas­sion to breed and show, would not be pos­sible without the co-operation, ded­ic­a­tion, and will­ing­ness to all pitch in and make this work, so we are grateful to our won­derful chil­dren, Sara-jane, Joel, and Jake, they help with all work that needs to be done ‚and love playing with the cats and kittens

we would also like to acknow­ledge our family veterinarians

some of the photos on our web page were taken by us, but the pro­fes­sional photos were taken by the beau­tiful mel from animal eyes pho­to­graphy, mel has the patience of a saint, and always gets the per­fect pic­ture, we do appre­ciate all the time and effort you put in mel…

We would also like to thank Andres Fabian for all the art­work on our new site, and zoe simpson from nobullit web devel­op­ment solu­tions without these fant­astic people helping us we would not have been able to move into the 21st cen­tury with our new word press site.


  1. Wow guys! the web­site sure do looks amazing!. Zoe did a won­derful job! i cannot wait to see what’s in store for Ador­able Rag-dolls!. I’m sure your com­pet­i­tion is waiting too as it’s apparent how your web­site is now so ahead of the game — for the looks of things your com­pet­itors needs you to come up with what’s next to revo­lu­tionize the industry.

    All the best,
    Kate, Andres & Leo

  2. katie Hamilton says:

    Hello Joe and Julie,
    I am so happy with our two babies , coco and ziggi they are such a delight and have made our family whole, they love to cuddle up to us all the time , we feel so for­tu­nate to have found you and receive our babies from such reput­able breeders , as you know we had had a pre­vious bad exper­i­ence with another breeder , I recom­mend you to all our friends and tell them all to go to Ador­able Ragdolls.

    Katie, Rod , Coco and Ziggi
    Wollon­gong NSW

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