Hi Jo and Julie!!

Just thought i’d give you a quick update on Sasha.

She is doing really well, had her second shot, worming etc, the vet says she is per­fectly healthy! She is an abso­lute delight, a bit mis­chevous but she is still a kitten after all.

abso­lutely no prob­lems with the potty, we havent had a single accident!

anyway, sorry it took so long to give you an update,
take care,

Hi Julie & Joe

Hope all is well.

Thought I would send you a photo of how Lily is get­ting on – in par­tic­ular with our boxer.

She has got ser­ious atti­tude and has the dog fol­lowing her con­tinu­ally around the house until she gets sick of it and gives her a claw­less swipe. They seem to play chasing an awful lot.

Best wishes for Christmas

Liza Jones

No, I don’t let her sleep in my room at night because I have a waterbed. Not only might she punc­ture it with her claws but some­times when I roll over the wave of the bed throws her off – lol I do let her come in after my hubby goes to work in the morning and she curls up next to my head.

My son came over on the weekend and took some really great shots of her with his spe­cial camera. I have attached a couple for you. Some are good enough to go on your web­site — *smiles*

Thanks Julie


Hi Julie and Jo

isn’t he gor­geous my boy turned 1 today we had a party with the kids now he needs a quiet moment


Hi Joe & Julie,

Simba and Zazu are settled in now and run­ning the house. Their own indi­vidual per­son­al­ities are coming out more and more every day and they are cer­tainly becoming more and more affec­tionate. They both have their favourite sleeping spots around our home and both enjoy lots of cuddle time. Both of them are eating well and get­ting bigger every day. I think Simba is going to be a big boy!

We hope you are both well and the other kit­tens and cats are going well.

Best Regards,
Matt, Rach, Simba & Zazu